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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

- Carl Underwood - Ain't you lying - Merging - Sonny Knight Quartette - The groove is on - Celebrity - J.T. Parker - If you wanna hold on - Academy - Teddy Reynolds - Drop that gun - Newman - Jimmy Nicol - Bim Bam - (UK) Decca

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta LI 150 Special


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  • love the profile alvaro

  • Hola Alvaro, saludos desde Mexico hasta España!
    ooole!, que vivan los Flechazos!
  • Nice photo, Alvaro, at you at least manage to look like a mod. These days, I just try to look respectable and maybe somewhat smart! (smile)
  • Thanks Avaro
    I'll keep you updated
  • hi Alvaro, thanks for your input on our forum here (I know Robert certainly appreciates your record knowledge). I hope this place doesn't seem too specific to Glasgow (where a lot of the people commenting are from).

    With regards to Spanish Mods I've listened to bands like Los Flechazos (who i think had a great sound) and it's unfortunate to read that the mod scene has got quieter. In the UK it is definately picking up just now and there are more and more younger mods turning up at events. Is the Purple Weekend still on?

    I hope you will feel free to post any comments about the Spanish (or Italian) mod scene - or anything else.
  • Alvaro:

    I am preparing a second “Rob the London Mod” essay with some different photos. I want to use the quote by your “regular Club member” where he says, “At around 3am Wardour Street was chockablock, like seriously crowded with ‘blocked’ teenagers … all chewing away and yapping like mad.” Is there a more precise reference I can use other than “regular Club member” ? Or should I say “a sixties Mod that Alvaro Rubio Romo interviewed,” or what?

    FYI, against my passage about Mickey Finn and Willie Mabon I am inserting “(pers. comm. Alvaro Rubio Romo, 3 July, 2009),” because you provided this information. My email is

    Please advise me what is best. Thank you, Robert Nicholls
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