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  • alright andy i m good noo lol how s yersel sorry ah  disapeared i ll tell ye when i see ye ,are you up for awee night oot soon the scene s jumpin if your up for a wee night chris cameron s dj ing tailor made  next week prob just leave that wan lol no if yer up for it try me on facebook anno you ve no got a page use some other cunts lol be good to get another wee catch up it s a good bunch running about just now laterz

  • Hey Andy, how've ye been. Ye been out and about much? Am back in a couple of weeks, would be good to catch up for a beer or two. Gloky.
  • awrite andy hows things mate not seen you for a while if its a nice day on sun we are goin for  wee run roon the toon  if you fancy it

    divs number is 07877253765

  • when are we going to get a beer?
  • alright andy i ll catch up wae ye at somepoint next year all the best mik
  • Hi Andy. It looks like its going to be a no show from Johnny Dollar due to car problems. Like Bobby, I will be going out on Friday and Sunday, and I think some of the guys are going for a wee run around the city on Sunday afternoon if you are up for that. I may well be too hungover to go anywhere on a scooter on Monday.
  • Hi Andy. Good to hear from you. Not been on the site for a while now. Had a problemw ith my computer and no cash to get it fixed! Got it back working now. The kids wouldn't let me use theirs!!! lol.
    The scooter is running well. Just did a bit of touching up with a couple of paint cans myself.

    If you are going to meet John McGowan let me know and I'll meet you. Going to Friday St and the Small Fakers as well. Are you going? Let me know. Great to hear from you and take care.
  • Cheers for the comments about the newly revamped scooter Andy. I am well pleased with it and you are right, I will be mainly using it only when the weather is okay. So that means I will get two days use out of it this year ha ha.
  • Hi Andy. Yes, I heard from John the other day there. We will definitely meet up for a few drinks and a chat. I think he is up for a good few days so there should be no problem arranging something.
  • Get yourself a hold of a phone Andy and get along to one of the nights out. I am with you in that its would be too cold for me to go out on the scooter even if it was back with me. But the nights out have been really good, and a great laugh.
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