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  • Hi, Angie nice to chat with you at the Friday st venue. It was good to be back home, must try to make it up north another time. If your ever in London let me know.

  • Hi Angie,

    Yes , I've put a pic up - Rene wasn't into the scene but she went to the Pubs sometimes.  I Always thought Grace and John were meant to be together, so nice to hear. Chris and Stephen have told me you still all meet up so I'm looking foward to getting there sometime.

  • Angie Sneddon remember me
  • hi angie
    looks like the guys have talk me into it i will pick up a ticket on monday
    and and i will see yous all there.
  • hi angie
    how are you doing its great to hear from you again.
    ididdent know about the mod night and is friday night a pub as i have been out of the loop for a long long time.
    hope to here from you soon take care willie.
  • couldn't agree more....i think i'll have to pace myself....IF THAT'S

    take care..

  • hi there ya doin....haven't seen you on for ages....did you enjoy aberfoyle?

    hope you are well

  • told u id be there, n had a great nite x loved the music x lookin forward to Balloch x also a wee run to Aberfoyle x
  • Hi Angie good to hear from you. just heading to work But had to first go on this page im looking forward to seeing you all i would not miss this for the world .Angie this is fantastic .See you tonghit .
  • hi angie x will be there 2 morro nite xx see u then
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