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I'm going to be the canon in a new discussion. The new generation of mods who give 100% to their image (clothing & hair) and put in a lot of effort to the music we have been listening to this weekend are the future of mod culture. Their music choices are fresh and does represent the 60's in a new contemporary era of mod culture which is what "mod" is all about. I know a lot of people are aware that some folks are not happy with the music we have been listening to at the events - well now is…
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Glasgow .

About Me:

I was a mod in the 80's which seems just like yesterday . BUT when I see photos of myself nowadays i realise it was so long ago . It was a time in my life I'll never forget .WOW - what an experience!

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Four Tops = Baby I Need Your Lovin'. Chris Farlow = Out Of Time. Bob & Earl = Harlem Shuffle. Dobie Gray = The In Crowd. R.Dean.Taylor = Theres A Ghost In My House.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • bobby black how you doing m8 , geez a call for a catch up

  • Hey Bobby, sorry not been in touch as much as I should, how you been? If yer free in a couple of weeks, it'd be good to catch up.

    Back on the 30th and I think meeting up wi the Tams and hopefully Willie and you if yer free. Chris 'C' says that Friday street is on, so there should be a few people out. Don't know that'll i'll be going clubbin, but certainly going pubbin.


  • bobby the party for hec is on the 17th march [paddy,s day ] in the belvidere bowling club betwwen 2pm and 8pm the club is just before the celtic club on london road , see you there mate

  • Glasgow only a train ride away. Love to meet up. At work just now. But half day on fri yippe!! Will phone u this afternoon coffee,gossip and a catch up sounds great. X
  • Bobby black !!!!!!!  so good to hear from you,don't even want to think how long it's been .we have a lot of catching up to do.so happy you got in touch. xx

  • Hi Bobby, thank you! Good to be friends x
  • Hey Bob. Hope yer gonni be around in a few weeks. Fly back on the first and hope to catch up for a beer and a blether. Anything happening between 1st and 15th?
  • just came across the site by chance m8....you havnt changed a bit...lol,some nice photos on here .was saying to chris that you look like youve been havin a ball the last few years
  • he spends all his dough on doob and silk scarves!
  • alright Bobby,thats a pity thought she might be in it ,on the same subject ,who is the rudegirl in the Blue v neck ,cant mind her name ,thats the girl i was telling you about.
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