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About Me:

been married got four kids still living in pollok and lifes good nice to see some of the old crew from the rooster and scene club days. Brings back alot of good memories.hope to catch up with you all soon.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

60s stones , Paul weller soul Blues

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • hi Billy, are you going to Friday street? I'm going to the five aces gig on the Saturday sorry I'm gonnae miss you, you'll have a great night.
  • Alright Billy ,its yer auld Mod mate again ,you really need to get out and join us some night ,were havin a ball . just got myself a scoot and gettin back in the saddle,ha ha .So give me a bell or email me mate and we will catch up.ps if you dont come ,were gonnae send a snatch squad up fae the East End,ha ha, take care mate hope to hear from you soon,Algie.
  • Hi Billy. Met Andy D today he told me you finally got on board with the site. Had to come on and say Welcome!!! As you probably know we're all going out tonight to the Small Fakers, wondering if you are going? You should come to Friday Street. We go there once a month and have a catch up with all the faces from the past. It'd be great to see you there pal.
  • Alright billy,great to hear from you mate,have been hoping you would pop on the site sometime,cant wait to meet up for afew beers and a good laugh ,,its been a few years so weve got plenty to catch up on . There is still loads of old faces kicking around and its been great meeting up ,so hopefully you can join us all soon ,All the best mate ,Algie.
    ps going to Small Fakers Gig ,Tonight.if you fancy it ,cheers.
  • Hello Billy aye it is Tam's sister.. how's things wi u? i was just talkin about u the last night well ur scooter really.hope ur well n lives been good to u. I'm no too bad got a wee girl she's almost 6. i'm still daft about all things mod infact am off to see The Small Fakers tonight in the toon. you take care n glad u contacted me made me smile.. x
  • billy how you doin algie has been tryin to get a hold of you for months this is his number 07775747661
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