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About Me:

I didn't get into it till late 79, I'd been into Northern soul since 76 through some older lads on our estate Most of my mates at school were into new wave so they became mods straight away, I wasn't keen at first as l thought the who were heavy rock and the jam were boring politics and their hair was too long at the back. The new northern releases were becoming boring so l got into the look which looked exciting and became a fan of secret affair. I saw Quadraphenia 18 times on the pictures in 80/81 with the scum double bill.on one occasion l sat through 3 showings. My first scooter was a Gp 150 for a fiver with accessories and the last tax disc said 73, l never got it going and the only time I rode it was pushing it home down a big hill. I drifted off the scene in about 83 as there were no mods left round here and the bands had split up or become shit. I got more into motown and stax and somehow later got into the doors,Creedence, free and cream. I managed to shake that around 87 and became the only mod again for miles.l was watching the chart show when they showed 3 of the best from the style council, when the solid bond video came on l was fully reborn and the rest is history.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Jam funeral pyre , The Monitors share a little love , Clarence Carter backdoor santa, Dean Parish skate pt 1, John Mayall steppin out

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta TV 175

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