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Oakland, CA

About Me:

Student of Mod-ology since 1987. Digs sharp style, clean design, hip tunes, good books and films, and a nice glass of wine.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Donny & June - I Thank You Howard Tate - Glad I Knew Better Nick Lowe - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road Eddy Giles - Losin' Boy Laura Lee - Dirty Man

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa (but Lambrettas do look nicer)

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  • I recently joined the mod generation and you live in my area so I thought I'd say hello. The Damned are playing tonight at the Great American Music Hall if there's any punk in your persuasion. 4-14-16.
  • No probs, Carlos! Thanks for accepting the friend request!

  • Thought I'd mention in case you or someone you know is interested... Was at Marshall's in emeryville today and they have some new bs stuff in stock. Some vneck sweaters and a couple of the sleeveless ones (like in the thread) plus some gingham long sleeve shirts, all for pretty cheap. Not exactly my cup of tea but I thought I'd let ya know man.
    Hope it all goes well with ya!
  • Yeah I'm much the same way. Hardly go to the city on the weekend any more. It sucks getting old... haha.
  • Thank you Carlos. Oh by the way...it's a scooter...not a bike...LOL.

    Take care mate.

  • Hi Carlos,

    Just had a look at your Mod male blog page and very good it is. I've also added it to my Facebook page.

    All the best,

    Gordon, Liverpool.

  • Nice little shop right? I knew Sean and his brother David back in the day in Marin. I've been to the shop twice but Sean wasn't there either time.
    So what type of happenings have you been up to in Oakland lately. With work I tend to keep it pretty chill during the week but I'm looking for more fun things to do in the weekend besides just the usual bars.
    Anyway, have a great week!
  • Hey Carlos, do you ever go to Vamp music?
  • I figured since we live in the same city yet never crossed paths I'd leave you a comment. Dig your blog, keep it going man.
  • Sorry to post this on here and not your blog page, but, your blog page is really brilliant! the posts you put on there keep me entertained and informed, I have picked up many styles of clothes and ways of wearing them, as well as fun and useful facts such as the reason why you have to keep the bottom button undone 99% of the time. You also got me into The Style Council and made me realise that they're rather quite a good band in their own respect, as well as getting me to re-asses Art Gallery brand and possibly buy the Marriott Cardigan...The list goes on, I just thought I should say thanks for the good work and keep it up, it's bleeding brilliant (as well as rather interesting and informative!)

    Chad :D 

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