About Me:

I first got into the Mod scene around October 1980. By April of the following year I had my own scooter bought from Mickey Oates in Glasgow. The best times undoubtedly came when I met up with a crowd of guys and girls and started to go to the lindella and Scene Club. Glasgow in 1981 was a fantastic place to be a Mod in, incredibly vibrant. Some times it was possible to witness more than 100 scooters gathering at the one time, and on one ocassion for a Scene Club shoot there must have been more than 200. A great scene, fantastic music, and as cool as it is possible to get on this earth.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Soldiers of Love - Arthur Alexander I'll be Loving You. Soul Brothers Six Forget About Me. Carolyn Crawford Some Other Guy. Richie Barrett I'm on my Way. Barbara Dane So Far Away. Hank Jacobs

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

1973 Vespa Sprint Veloce.

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  • Thanks and thanks again Chris; roll on June! ;-)

  • Hi Christ how's you m8 well I've done bought myself a wee scooter lol ready to get back on road ASAP you still working at celtic park would like some info about rally's ect also looking to get a custom paint job
  • Welcome home! Missed you! Now, get young Mr Doyle back on here!

  • Pity you couldn't do a set at R a go go. Will be great yo meet up wit you if you can make it. My only concern about my set is that I font want to play too many "usual suspects" and worry that people will not like what I decide to play.
  • Good to be back. Took a short break. Would be great if you can make Rythmm a go go. I am doing my first ever DJ set in the afternoon. 1st on seeing as it's my debut. Really nervous but looking forward to it.
  • Yeah Chris; Mod Phantom of the Underworld... let´s make it into a Musical, hahaha!

  • Hey Chris

    My first 45 record as a mod was  from a band member who I was friends with who sent me some stuff that he liked and he included his band's record in the package, but it just sat in my closet as i had nothing to play it on, but i couldn't tell you who it was by, unfortunately. My first cds i got as a mod was My Generation Grtest Hits by The  Who, and The Jam's Grtest hits.  Used to play the Jam's cd to death, that's how good i thought they were. 


  • It is always possible Andy. But just at the moment it seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut.

  • Hi Chris, have you heard anything from or about  Rab Souter from Castlemilk?

  • Cheers Chris! Hope to be on when time allows....

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