About Me:

I first got into the Mod scene around October 1980. By April of the following year I had my own scooter bought from Mickey Oates in Glasgow. The best times undoubtedly came when I met up with a crowd of guys and girls and started to go to the lindella and Scene Club. Glasgow in 1981 was a fantastic place to be a Mod in, incredibly vibrant. Some times it was possible to witness more than 100 scooters gathering at the one time, and on one ocassion for a Scene Club shoot there must have been more than 200. A great scene, fantastic music, and as cool as it is possible to get on this earth.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Soldiers of Love - Arthur Alexander Way Over There - The Miracles Emperor of my Baby's Heart - Kurt Harris Chills and Fever - Ronnie Love Cry to Me - Solomon Burke Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

1973 Vespa Sprint Veloce.

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  • Thanks and thanks again Chris; roll on June! ;-)

  • Hi Christ how's you m8 well I've done bought myself a wee scooter lol ready to get back on road ASAP you still working at celtic park would like some info about rally's ect also looking to get a custom paint job
  • Welcome home! Missed you! Now, get young Mr Doyle back on here!

  • Pity you couldn't do a set at R a go go. Will be great yo meet up wit you if you can make it. My only concern about my set is that I font want to play too many "usual suspects" and worry that people will not like what I decide to play.
  • Good to be back. Took a short break. Would be great if you can make Rythmm a go go. I am doing my first ever DJ set in the afternoon. 1st on seeing as it's my debut. Really nervous but looking forward to it.
  • Yeah Chris; Mod Phantom of the Underworld... let´s make it into a Musical, hahaha!

  • Hey Chris

    My first 45 record as a mod was  from a band member who I was friends with who sent me some stuff that he liked and he included his band's record in the package, but it just sat in my closet as i had nothing to play it on, but i couldn't tell you who it was by, unfortunately. My first cds i got as a mod was My Generation Grtest Hits by The  Who, and The Jam's Grtest hits.  Used to play the Jam's cd to death, that's how good i thought they were. 


  • It is always possible Andy. But just at the moment it seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut.

  • Hi Chris, have you heard anything from or about  Rab Souter from Castlemilk?

  • Cheers Chris! Hope to be on when time allows....

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