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About Me:

I was brought up in glasgow in the early 60's, and moved to eastkilbride in 1973 from first blackhill, then bridgeton. My sisters were all first generation mods, so i had good teachers!! We used to visit a wee record shop every saturday on duke street, where my pocket money would get spent on the coolest sounds, which i still have to this day! By the time the second generation was born in the late seventies i was in my late teens, and embraced the scene with open arms, as nobody had a clue about style or good music until then. Although i was no longer in a minority, we were few and far between in e.k. I am proud to say that now in my 40's married and i am still a mod....AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!!! KEEP THE FAITH.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Bullet for Everyone - paul weller The In Crowd - Dobie Gray All Or Nothing -The Small Faces you do something to me - Paul weller Green onions -Booker T & the MG's

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

lambretta LI 150 silver special

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  • great gig on friday coiley, me and the missus really enjoyed it. look forward to the next one.

  • Hi Colin, great to meet you on saturday, Karen fell asleep on saturday night, too hungover from the JTQ gig the night before, so we didnt get to the do. The next event we'll be going to will be Ayr so hope to see you there.

     Cheers Mark d

  • Sorry I missed your birthday bash mate. By all accounts it was a right good night. Catch up with you later. All the best Jim.
  • Looking forward to yer do auld yin ,ha hamthanks for the invite.
  • Don't you have any work to go to? How you doing.
  • got your comment mate Uddingston just outside glasgow
  • Hey Colin...That would be brilliant....when are we talkin..?

  • Yeah Colin, I know castlefinn its between Lifford and Stranorlor.
    Tell Your Mrs I'm 44, and Letterkenny born and bred.
    My Da was Barney Doherty the festival director, (everyone knew him)
  • Hows it goin Colin...Thanx for your message...I'm in lesmahagow about 10 mins down the road from ya...just getin back into the scene after being away for a long time...but once a mod always a mod eh...thanx for the invite m8 but i dont have a scooter but hopefully one day...trying to get a mod band together so if you kno anyone who might be interested please get in touch...wouldnt mind meetin up with you guys sometime to see your scooters and have a bleather...cheers

  • Sounds like a plan mate.
    By the way Killmac is only 6mile outside Lkenny.
    I'm originaly from Lkenny myself.
    All the best John D
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