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About Me:

Come from Guernsey in the channel Is but moved to UK (Chippenham) in '89 Have Been a MOD since early 1980 was editor of 80s Modzine In the crowd (which did 30 issues from 83-90) and Tailor made ) 90-97, have been know to do the od spot of Djing including a Mod club night @ Fizz bar in Chippenham with live bands such as Squire, Boyce (from Japan) who's who,The Fay Hallam Trinity to mention but a few. Had my own show on Modradiouk (internet radio) djed @ Modsmay in Birmingham and modzine event in Clacton also have my own web site @ www.mod-ernworld.com which cover anything to do with Mod! you will find links to both my Facebook, myspace & Youtube on, there plus lots more. Apart from Mod I'm into Footie (Big Tottenham hotspur fan) Travel )love to go to new places, (getting married in Las Vegas this September (2011) to my long term partner Sarah! ) TV junkie, Films, net etc

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

In the end - The like Billy hunt - The Jam Darling buds of may - Brother Kings for the weekend - Missing Andy You and i - Cheap cuts

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

used to have a vespa

Website Address:



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  • cheers for the add Derek
  • Hi Derek - thanks for the request! I recall your modzine - 'in the crowd' - I am sure I purchased a copy of that around 1986, but from The Cavern in London? Can you recall my fanzine - Summer In The City / circa 92 - 95 - absolutely loved doing it with a passion, but hard work!
  • Cheers Derek xsx
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