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NME No More!

During my early teenage years, I used to ride my sunshine yellow BSA Javelin through the mean streets of Abronhill in Cumbernauld with a Daily Record shoulder strap bag weighing me down with the up-to-the-minute latest news for the early risers, and then later on, the evening editions, magazines and weekly publications. Only one of my customers had the good taste of taking the NME, ensuring that once a week, a combination of shortcuts and Eddy Merckx style cycling was required to give me a stolen 10 minutes to hide up a close to read through the gig guides, “when will The Jam next play the Glasgow Apollo?”, and to catch up with Paul Weller’s Private Hell, and other headlines of interest. What was your memories of the NME, or were you a Melody Maker?

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H.G. Wells wrote of one, and a GS scooter might make you think that you are on one, but I am convinced that Brixton's Hand In Hand is an actual Time Machine. Through the doors, around the bar and up the stairs led straight back to 1979. After an ace opening set from Dr Bird, The Circles took the 100+ vibrant and passionate crowd back to days of youth with a tardis full of favourites including Billy, Opening Up, Angry Voices, No Idea and Bury Your Head. The combined heat and dehydration ensured that this Mr Suburbia was enjoying The Circles encore with an ice cool soda water and lime and a perfect view through the bar with an ace soundtrack of covers including Shake, All Or Nothing and a personal favourite, Runaway. Even H.G. would have been delighted with a revisit from Opening Up before the end of a superb gig. Another ace gig at Albert's.

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