THE ELECTRIC MESS Debut - Listen for FREE!!

Hey, for anyone interested, The ELECTRIC MESS debut album is available on the site Bandcamp.


Feel free to listen to the whole thing for nothing, hopefully you will enjoy it!  We'd be happy for you to listen to it... If you like it enough to own it, too, then it's only $6.00 to download the whole album, and .50 cents per song.…

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New York, NY

About Me:

Member of the band THE ELECTRIC MESS

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Cars (for a Cars cover show)

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

NYC subway

Website Address:


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  • Thanks for accepting our request! Big fan of The Electric Mess! Cheers!

  • Hi Derek,

    Thanks. If you ever come to the UK you must let us know. Regards .Paul.
  • Unfortunately I haven't been involved at all in the NYC Mod/soul scene. The events and such I've seen are almost always 21+ ... I have 5 months till then!


    I think your band sounds great though! Right up my alley.

  • Hey there, fellow New Yorker!
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