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Iver Bucks

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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Reach out I'll be there Four Tops Sonny Bobby Hebb What becomes of the broken hearted Tin Soldier Small Faces Anything Beatles

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • Hi Derek

    Long time no hear, are you alright mate? . Please let me know, it is two months now since we heard from you. Take Care Mr G

  • Gardner

    I would deem it a honour to be known as your friend. That is great mate. Thanks a lot. Have a good day. Best.  John

  • Oy Derek you are being abused page 32 Is Mod Something thread.

    I started it but I didn't mean it mate

  • Well I hope you are satisfied Gardner. You have well upset people on Nirvana. I'm so depressed I am playing my Everly Brothers and Marty Wilde LP's. When will you start behaving yourself? Have a good day Del

  • Hi Derek I bought some trees for my Loake's.. It took a fair bit of adjusting and stretching but they are so good now I can't believe it. Like I mentioned I have had them for about 25years now so I am really attached to them.

    I don't get the feeling that the modern ones are as soft or the same as my old Oxfords. Perhaps that's wishful thinking. Thanks Again Mr G

  • Thanks for adding me Derek.

  • Nice one Derek, thanks

This reply was deleted.