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About Me:

Became a Mod in 79 (just a kid at the time, as many of us were) Kicked about with the Knightswood Mods at Knightswood Park and the Maryhill Mods at the Melrose Cafe then onto the Barra's and Bandstand. Drifted away from the scene in the 90's for a while, but thanks to clubs like Goodfoot and Friday Street, was soon back. I'm a real believer in the saying "Once a Mod always a Mod".

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The High Numbers-Gotta Dance, The Mar-Keys- Last Night, The Miracles- Shop Around, The Yardbirds-Train Kept A Rolling, Betty O'brian- She'll be gone.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Great weekend Drummy, I'm still pissing myself laughing at some of Andy's stories, and us trying to convince Ralph that he had won and we didnae just want him to ride his scooter over to to a giant Slush Puppy for a piss take. Great days indeed!

  • hi drummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi bud where r u leaving from dont want to go ma self lol
  • welcome to the site mate...nice scoot & liking your top 5 tunes...take it your into the yardbirds ...nice...keep the faith......Colin
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