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About Me:

Lover of everything 60s! Obsessed with clothes, cats and Steve Marriott.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Hey Girl - Small Faces Don't Burst My Bubble - Small Faces She's About A Mover - Sir Douglas Quintet He's A Rebel - The Crystals Mr Soul - Bud Harper

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta (sadly, I don't have one just yet!)

Website Address:



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  • Mind if I friend you? I love your sense of style :)

  • Hello Ella Amelia, Thank you very much for the invite! I can't wait to go through all your photos, you seem to have a remarkable fashion sense, and best of all....it's 60s fashion sense! 

     That check shirt and skirt combo is very chic! You'll have to give me fashion tips some time! ;)

    Thanks again. ~Kitchy

  • thanks ella ; i think we;ll get on just fine; i;m an ex-1979 revivalist mod ; i;m in eire [ireland] since 1982. thanks for frindship ; you look very groovy babe lol ; i hope to get a lambretta L150 & learn to ride; yu can come over to ireland & ride on the back with me lol.so yu like secret affair then ella; great; have yu seen ian page latley ; he;s put on a lot off weight .i think they should never have reformed myself.  i liked the original line-up from 1978.i thi nk behind closed doors was their best studio LP from 1980; i havent heard the latest lp yet -soho dreams ; i;ve been told it;s as good as thier first LP in 1979 -glory-boys.i ;ll check it out . i;ll try & get a photo off myself uploaded soon.keep in touch ; ella .as secret affair  would say : all the mods on their single time for action.

  • hi ella ; ant to be friends with A 1979 REVIVALIST MOD?

    yu like secret affair?

  • A big west country welcome to ya Ella! Cheers for the friend addige (?) Don't think thats actually a word - but there ya go!

  • It's great to get to know you Ella. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for the kind comment about my clothes, more will be added shortly - after I get through all of the orders for my scarves! haha. Take care for now and speak soon. L x

  • Thanx for the request Ella!

    Cheers from France.

  • Thanks for the add
  • My pleasure! you always sport real good looking outfits, btw

  • Hi Ella, greetings from Germany

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