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About Me:

Regular at Friday St, Divine & EWO :)

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Lainie Hill- Time Marches On hunners of Lulu :)

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

need to learn how to ride a bike first...


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  • Well thats your career sorted out Emily. You never know, they may even provide you with the tights as part of the uniform ha ha.
  • You were obviously dancing so fast that the shiney leg effect was captured on the camera Emily. Either that or you needed support tights to dance as much as you did that night ha ha.
  • Hi Emily. I was sure it was you. I am just amazed the snap turned put so well as I was every bit as drunk as you, and when I get to that stage the photography skills usually go for a burton.
  • Hi Emily. Sorry for not taking a pic of you - got distracted - too many beers! However, if you look you'll see the one I took outside I have posted. Its a good one. What a cracking night we had. Hope you enjoyed it.
  • Hi Emily. Are you Joan's daughter. If you are there is a great photo of you on my page. It was taken at Friday Street a few months ago.
  • Hi Emily Good to see you on the site.Hope to see you at friday st.
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