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About Me:

Born in 1971 and raised in a big city in Germany, I first embraced Mod when the 79'ers had all but disappeared. I see this as a great advantage as this gave us the opportunity to discover what this subculture was really all about. The Bam Caruso, Edsel and Kent Labels had just started to reissue the authentic Sounds and we were generally much more into the original School of Cool. To this day, I don't have much time for any of the shallower sides of the revivalisms of the 80's/90's and beyond. But I do go out and enjoy decent Live-Bands today sometimes. Also, of course, I am familiar with all sides of mod, although I do choose to focus on my own standards. Quad never really appealed to me and I do find that the Who should have split after "Run Run Run". Mod would have resurfaced anyway, it is that good. Look at the Rockabilly-Hot-Rod-Betty-Page-Tattoo-Scene of today, and they never had the Johnny Burnette Trio conjure up any Rock Operas... Oops, wrong Forum! Though socially selective, i would not say that i am cocky (well, sometimes, alright!). I would neither label myself a revivalist nor would I say I'm trying to re-live somebody else's old days. I simply draw my cultural inspiration from this certain set of values, which in my mind is an ingenious and timeless set-up. In my opinion, in today's culture, you can only either be a postmodernist (eclectic consumer of all things past) or else explore the true values that postmodernism feeds on: mainly modernism. I do like a good book, when I can find one. No TV: I like to decide just what gets to enter my mind. Commercials aren't it, and the important things I can find elsewhere. Clobberwise I feel most comfortable in a pair of Sta-Prests, a Benny, an FP Crewneck, a smart Jacket of choice (No Parka) and a decent pair of DM's, usually Brogues. Later-60's Streetstyle, if you will. On occasion, of course, this might be stepped up a notch or five. I have a passion for all things Mod 1966-68 (Though not so much the Psych-side of things). This goes for scooters (I am currently building my very personal dealer special with all original bits) as much as music (mainly Black 45's in the vein of the Twisted Wheel Club, such as the Mirwood-Output, and also Rocksteady (anything produced by Coxson Dodd at the time, as well as some Lee Perry Stuff, etc.). The current top 5 below are more like all-time Classics. My HiFi of choice is a 1964 Murphy Valve Stereo System with satellite speaker and a Garrard 301, modified to play in crisp double-mono (I much prefer it that way). Basically, a lucky find...! Another strong interest lies in the "Absolute Beginners" stage of mod (NOT the horrible Movie!), but this is a somewhat dormant at the moment and more of academic interest. Mind you, I did enjoy the book "Blame it on the Bossa Nova" a great deal recently! I do like to corrupt a fair few youngsters with my collection of original 45's from time to time, this would be at my own "ShakeUp Club", usually about 8 times a year. Here, I try to make sure to play timeless Club-Tunes from the 60's, plenty instrumentals. My weaknesses include smoking on occasion, I can drink with an attitude but I can also hold a drink quite well (or so I'm told!), plus, very rarely, depending on a number of circumstances, the odd "Jazz Cigarette". No Pills for me, they're madness! Well, so are women, but I like them... When there's a fight, it still doesn't take many seconds before I'm in, though nowadays strictly to calm the waves. Still get the odd sore nose, but I guess some things just never change... My interior is a robust, modern take on the Danish Modern/ Eames Era ideas, rather than that plastic/bubbly space age nonsense. I have joined this Forum because I am deeply impressed with some of the "regulars" and the openhearted form of communication practiced here. (a big "hats off" to John for his "Hard Mod" Article!) For me, the main asset here is the primary sources in the form of the original boys as well as some very inspired members from other generations. Cheers! .

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1.) Freakbeat: Tony Jackson Group: Fortune Teller 2.) Black R&B: Mike Pedicin: Burnt Toast And Black Coffee 3.) White R&B: Graham Bond Organisation: Wade In The Water 4.) Ska: Skatalites: Confucius 5.) Soul: Felice Taylor: I Can Feel Your Love

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

1964 SS180; 1965 SS180; 1965 50s, 1966 50s


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