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About Me:

Northern mod lass. I love my music, mod fashion and 60s interior design. Find me on twitter www.twitter.com/7071design

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Beggin' - Timebox Le Responsable - Jacques Dutronc Supermarket Full of Cans - Eyes of Blue Just A Little Musunderstanding - The Contours If I Could Only Be Sure - N F Porter

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • Le responsible indeed?


    Now there is a track and a half!

  • hi gail; i;m michael ; i;m a mod from the 1979 revival [1st] period;

    my fav bands are : love affair

                                 small faces


                              who; thecreation; monkees; beatles [merseybeat]; daveclark-5; the specer davis group; moody blues; the animals; yardbirds; the ronettes; supremes; the crystals; booker t & mgs; the meseybeats; all 1960s soul & r&b; northern soul [1970s];archies; the move; beach boys;the offbeats; satutdio; sons off jet; mighty bosstones; makin time; deptment -s; the ardvarks; the circles; dolly mixture; secret affair; squire; the jam, the chords; the beat; the blades[eire]; nine below zero; the nips; the cigarettes; the byrds;[1960s]; beggar; madness; specials; the selecter; the bodysnatchers; [all 2-tone ska[coventry sound];the lambrettas; merton parkas; bad manners; the glory-boys; the knack; the mods; ocean colour sence; oasis; mock turtles; . & much more.

    will yu be friends with me? michael .

  • thanx for the add :)

  • Agree with the song Beggin. good version but I still prefer Frankie Valli's original. (on my list of top 5 tunes) Oh and it's nice to see more of us Northerners on here.

  • Thank you too Gail ;-)

  • thanks for the friend request Gail .Looking forward to a few chats many thanks Gail

  • welcome to the mod generation Gail

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