Mod on the Mersey..

Went up to Liverpool this week ,Feb 11 ,with my wife. We stayed up there for the night ,great place! Took the opportunity to visit Penny Lane and Strawberry Field whilst we were there..

Armed with just a yellow post it note with a few directions on we found Strawberry Field first..driving past "the gates" was just surreal.Naturally we stopped and took a few photos too.I know people are going to cover the place with graffitti,like Abbey Road ,but no need to dis colour the sign or write…

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About Me:

Music..been into Paul Weller since his Jam days, The Beatles and The Moons.. Favourite label..Art Gallery Clothing.. Road Cycling Coffee Road Cycling, Coffee..

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Moons- Fables of History Van Morrison-Gloria Broken Vinyl Club-I Want you Girl The Spitfires-Spark to Start The Lost Boys-Answers on a Postcard

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Classic Vespa!


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  • Hey Gaz.....I can't get your new mobile number.....please email me it on or just call number is the same.


    Cheers mate


  • Thanks mate. The photographer that took these shots is called Evelyn Kutschera, she caught the mood of the night very well I think.
    She had artistic licence to just snap away at anything and everything, these shots she posted on our Chitlin Circuit page were only half the photos she took that night, It'll be interesting to see the rest of those pictures, hopefully she'll be at out next Chitlin Circuit night.
    You're right though, they do look like they were taken in the 60s.
    Thanks for your comment/likes mate.
  • Thanks Mate, I can't say too much on how I managed it, but I owe out a big big drink LOL Yeah it was a total dream come true for me and the icing on the cake for the scooter. A total gent Paul was, especially when the decision was down to him personally to book me in and sign the scooter back stage. He showed his genuine interest in scooters asking a few questions and said quiet a few complimentary things about the scooter and paintwork which was nice. A day I will most certainly remember for ever...Up there for me, one of the best,,,,,

  • luv ur update on ur page m8, looking very kool!!
  • thanks Gareth came across that wee top in a vintage shop, its a van heusen, luv it!
  • Cheers mate! It's a pretty funny story to say the least! My girlfriend took me to see the Quadrophenia Show at the Belgrade in Coventry last October,.. There were rumours floating round that Pete was knocking about but thought it was bull until he walked down the aisle for the second half of the show and realised he was sitting directly behind me, well that was it the second half was a blur! Managed to catch 5min with him after until he got recognized! Top bloke! ..the Missus is stuggling to top that birthday present!
  • Hey, how are u? Thanx for the pic comment, his n hers hair do's :-)
  • do you have m51 fishtail parka?
  • send me your email and i will ell you and send you some photos of hi scooter or will i just say fuck it and post them on here for all to see
  • cheers mate managed to piss liam off doing the cover cant tell you who made it but she lives in birmingham but all sorted now with liams blessing
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