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About Me:

Georgia, I'm new to all this but i'm really intrested in joining the mod scene. I love the fashion, music and I hope this site will help me to become a mod.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Jam- Town called Malice The Who- Pinball wizard Oasis- Wonderwall Stone Roses- Sally Cinnamon Arctic Monkeys- suck it and see

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Sadly non yet:(


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  • Email me on cameronmacintyre12@gmail.com xxxxxx
  • Hello sorry this was the only way my phone would let me say somthing to you, but inbox me on facebook (if you have it) its easier on my phone my name is Cameron Macintyte and my profile picture is the same as the one on here :)
  • Thanks for the friend request!

  • thanks for excepting the friend request Georgia

  • Thankidoops for the friend add random dude, I love all the bands you've got in your top tunes btw; fucking rock ^-^

  • thanks for friendship georgia;

    good girl; you wont be dissapionted i promise you;

    look forward to taliking to you ;



  • welcome to the mod generation Georgia

  • hi georgia;

    would you like to be friends with me ; michael ;i;m a mod from the 1979

    revival period ; if you accept me; i;ll tell you lot ;;s of thing s about 1979.

    michael .x.

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