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  • York Mod band The 5:15`s debut gig, The Punch Bowl Lowther Street, York Friday August  24 from about 9

  • Haha why thank you. Im nursing a bit of a sore head today but it was a good night, a bit quiet but i think me and Bec's made the most of it. I was impressed that i recognised you, im usually rubbish with names and faces. Hope you had a good night and didnt injure yourself too badly from the alledged fall lol

  • sorry for the massive delay in replying, i dont even have an excuse like getting arrested lol im just crap! erm went to Brighton Beach Leeds the other week and i was sorely disappointed :( When i used to go there, there were 3 rooms to choose from and i always like the small one that was soul but now there is only 1 room and its main stream indie, i was not a happy bunny at all! plus it was just full of students, so me and my pal got smashed and made the most of it :) I haven't tried the Sheffield one yet, its on the list! Best ive ever been to was Islington but they stopped doing that a while back. there was a soul night on in Leeds last week at the Empire but i missed it, think its on in December to i'll try that one instead.

    Im heading out to Shakey Wakey tonight with some gal pals, they are not mod so ill stick out like a sore thumb! but hey i gotta be true to myself :)


    Brighton Rock was amazing and made some good friends, think it'll be a one off unless another 60's film gets made and they need extras :)


    what you up to this weekend??

  • Hey up, erm i got into the music in the 90's (god im old) Started with a massive love of Britpop, went to Brighton Beach every week and I got more into the mod scene. 

    Yes i got to be an extra in Brighton Rock, after seeing an ad on facebook. Riding on the back of a scooter all day and running up and down a beach shouting "We are the Mods" was an amazing experience. The film is ok, not enough mod scene's in it but will hold a place in my heart like Quadrophenia :)

    How about you?

  • scrap that last comment, i dont think the link will work? try this http://www.therewasatime.co.uk/3.html

  • Me too, I was just very bored the other day lol nice to meet you too :)
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