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Originally, Castlemilk, Glasgow, Currently Qatar.

About Me:

I do ma nut in the desert.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Non Stop Dancin. Friday on My Mind.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta SX 200 Series III (1966) , Lambretta Series II LI 150 (1961), Vespa (VBB) Sportique (1965)


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  • Thanks for a lovely night with you,paul and andy.Had a great time, lovely to see you again and hopefully meet your wife sometime soon x

  • I was at last years alldayer in July, it was a cracking day. Working this year so wont be going even if I wasn't working the weathers pants this year!

  • Hey numbers in ma phone ill be in touch in a week  or so hope tay catch up .

  • Yeah I know what you mean Gloky. In the past it always seemed to be the people with the Lambretta's who were pushing them around or bump starting them. I hope there is nothing serious with mine as it is mostly reliable. It probably just need the carb cleaned out after sitting in the garage all Winter. I have not seen Tam's new scooter apart from in a photo, but it looks really smart. Well I will see you on the 30th then for a few beers if nothing else.

  • Yeah, should be around then Gloky, and its always good to tie up for a few bevs and a chat. My scoot is acting up a bit right enough so I will have to see how it shapes up enough to go for a run. Not sure what is happening in particular around Easter. The last Friday of March will see Friday Street on so hopefully you will be here then.

  • Not sure what all that decapitation behind closed doors is all about Gloky, you would think its something to be ashamed about ha ha.

  • hi Gloky,lovely to hear from you,i'm good thanks.Been living the quiet life in sunny motherwell ! I've been out to friday street a couple of times now and i'm loving the fact that everyone is back together,it's been great to catch up after all these years.How are things with you ? x

  • i m8 got home ok great weekend stay lucky


  • Sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you while you were in Brighton - Hope you had a good time!


    MODesty went even better than we could have expected, although I did end up getting extremely stressed (trying to deal with/keep track of thjat many DJs is a nightmare) - All worth it in the end & a great weekend from start to finish


    All the best


    Ian B


    P S lovely Lammy, Sir

  • Hiya


    I've been checking on goings on this week in Brighton for you - doesn't seem to be a lot going on til the weekend apart from Thursday Night Fish Fry at Sticky Mike's frog Bar in Middle street (on Thursday funnily enough) - although I won't be there as there is too much month left at the end of my money & I get paid Friday

    I'll be at The Komedia Friday & Sunday nights,the Volks daytime dos on the Saturday & Sunday and the Black Cat warm-up at The Unity on Sunday as well as DJ'ing at MODesty at The Dorset on Saturday evening.

    Hope to meet up with you at the weekend .... have a good stay in Brighton

    Ian B

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