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Originally, Castlemilk, Glasgow, Currently Qatar.

About Me:

I do ma nut in the desert.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Non Stop Dancin. Friday on My Mind.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta SX 200 Series III (1966) , Lambretta Series II LI 150 (1961), Vespa (VBB) Sportique (1965)


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  • Thanks for a lovely night with you,paul and andy.Had a great time, lovely to see you again and hopefully meet your wife sometime soon x

  • I was at last years alldayer in July, it was a cracking day. Working this year so wont be going even if I wasn't working the weathers pants this year!

  • Thanks Gloky, yeah I contacted Cal and we had a wee chat, good to see he's doing well for himself.

  • hey Gloky good to hear from you mate.

    I accidently came accross this site and  had a wee browse I couldn't believe all you guys were still at it!

    I've been in Melbourne for nearly 9 years now and like the lifestyle in OZ, It suits me well. Funny I 've often thought of getting myself a scooter again and riding it here in the sunshine on a sunday morning but thought nah I'm too auld for that kinda since you lot are getting away with it I'm geting myself one!!

    I've been busy digging through my old photos in the hope of finding some mod ones but all I come accross is pics of you and Jamie on stage with Happy the man!! When I get time i'll post them. (I'll need to send back to scotland for all my other pics) Drew Morten kindly posted a pic of me and my scooter.

    Are you in Spain now?



  • Hey numbers in ma phone ill be in touch in a week  or so hope tay catch up .

  • Yeah I know what you mean Gloky. In the past it always seemed to be the people with the Lambretta's who were pushing them around or bump starting them. I hope there is nothing serious with mine as it is mostly reliable. It probably just need the carb cleaned out after sitting in the garage all Winter. I have not seen Tam's new scooter apart from in a photo, but it looks really smart. Well I will see you on the 30th then for a few beers if nothing else.

  • Yeah, should be around then Gloky, and its always good to tie up for a few bevs and a chat. My scoot is acting up a bit right enough so I will have to see how it shapes up enough to go for a run. Not sure what is happening in particular around Easter. The last Friday of March will see Friday Street on so hopefully you will be here then.

  • Not sure what all that decapitation behind closed doors is all about Gloky, you would think its something to be ashamed about ha ha.

  • hi Gloky,lovely to hear from you,i'm good thanks.Been living the quiet life in sunny motherwell ! I've been out to friday street a couple of times now and i'm loving the fact that everyone is back together,it's been great to catch up after all these years.How are things with you ? x

  • i m8 got home ok great weekend stay lucky


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