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About Me:

I would say I'm a Mod revivalist got the mod bug in 79'. I was born in Edinburgh and follow the mighty Hibernian - go to most games home and away. I'm the proud father of three sons Craig 23, Scott 20, and Ryan 15. Took Scott along to Friday Street lastweek , there's hope for the young lad yet. Not always been active due to having got married and bringing up a family sice the late 80's I finally got my modness back againand life couldn't be better. (Modness is there such a word LOL). While i'm here I would like to say a huge thanks to the Scottish Mod Scene forum. The admins on there do a huge amount of work to keep us all updated on club events and gigs etc.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Not in any particular order................. 1Little Willie John - I'm Shakin' 2 Max Crook (Maximilian) - The Snake 3 MOD CLASSIC - MIKE VICKERS - ON THE BRINK 4 Secret Affair - My World 5 Secret Affair - Glory Boys

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

vespa PX 125


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  • Ta for the add mate, see you at the Go Go.

  • Everything alright with the whistle mate? 
  • Hi Graeme hope your doing well mate. I'll be back in touch soon.

    All the best,


  • Suit is outstanding and the lining I wanted arrived today. All the same it should have taken 2 weeks max. Catch up with you later I'm away to enjoy my 40 years on this earth.
  • Picking it up later with a different linning in it. He says the proper linning will be in next week!! Suit was looking good the other day all the same. 3 months to get a suit made.

  • That tit of a tailor has forgot to order my linning for the whistle. My neighbour has had an extension built to the side of his house in the time that dick has taken to make the suit. Never again. 

  • its just down from cruise on ingram st.left hand side.in the old nash shop.if the window is anything to go by it well worth a look. i work in this area but avent made it in.hope this is a help.
  • Thanks Graeme... sure our paths will cross at some point. That's the way mod seems to work... keep in touch and keep the faith.
  • hi graham - how was it down south? spotted you in a couple of photos on facebook
  • See your selling your scooter on ebay. Shame the guy let you down.
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