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  • Hey Grant, I’ve gotta thank the guys for their support. I was gonna reply last night but i was a bit pissed and couldn't see the keyboard properly.

    You’re probably correct; the video clip should not have been added as a Mod Generation attachment as it’s not directly mod related. The reason it was added is that I was asked the question what was HTM. Therefore that was my reply and I hope it jogged some memories. Now that the question has been answered I will look into removing it.

    Anyway the history, the original band was The Elite and played around Glasgow in the day. The line up consisted of, yes; you guessed it "MODS". All the guys, mates, Mods their girlfriends and scooters that were around at that time (many of them appear on this site) were fantastic and there was never an empty venue when we played. I’d like to think it was the music, but probably more to do with the beer and other recreational pursuits.

    As time moved on, the line up and the name changed, but we still had a strong MOD/60’s influence. Then time moved on even further and band members left. They were replaced by musicians rather than friends. I suppose that’s when the sound started to become a little watered down. I need to add here before I get into trouble, that our friends were proper musicians too, but we just ran out of friends that could play instruments.

    In conclusion, The Elite is no more and HTM unplugged their amps a long time ago. Fortunately through this site Jamie O’Rourke (singer) and I (Guitar) have managed to get together and put down a track using the internet. I’ve used the instrumental version as the backing to some of the member’s photos (hope they don’t mind and it’s not the new romantic one). You never know we may be gigging at the next Mod Generation reunion, ha ha.

    I would like to give credit where credit is due, the guys that were the die hards. Always the ones to leave the party last, still came to the gigs up until 84, 85. Thanks!

    Hope this clarifies things Grant.

    Cheers Mate.
    Gloky (Ian)
  • Grant, came on to see if u had updated ur page ,looks cool mate . put some info on it and the guys will get in touch, and chat away.
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