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outside london

About Me:

im a mod. i love music . i play guitar bit of bass and just started piano.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

the birds no good with out you baby the who quadrophenia (hole album) david bowie Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed the jam town called mallice booker t and the mg's green onions

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

vespa and lambretta


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  • hey mate you doing brighton in august

  • Hamish cheers for the request mate.

  • Welcome to MG, Hamish! ;-) Thanks for the friend request!

  • hellooooo Hamish

  • cheers hamish

  • I'm really fine! Welcome to the mod generation, Hamish! =)

  • welcome to the mod generation hamish

  • Hello, friend! How are you? Thanks for the request!

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