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About Me:

60s mod, hubby was and remains so.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

both, plus mercedes E class. Scoots are his, car is MINE!


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  • I meant to say that my favourite quote for getting older is "the older I get the better I was"
  • Hi Heather and Mark, glad you enjoyed Brighton. I think you were in Stevie's photos which were good. It was hard to see if you were in the photos because avatar pictures are really small so it's hard to recognise people.

    Did you go down on the scooter?
  • Hi H&M, Mik and the rest of us are patter merchants orginally from the Glasgow Mod Scene of1979, We had some really mad times , catch our stories on the forum , have a laugh and join in. SEE YAH ! Andy Murdoch
  • Hi Heather & Mark , I would like to hear some of your stories and i 'd like to see some photo's of mark's scooters , if thats ok, i bet they are mint. By the way Heather you look young for your age i like your blue leather coat.lol
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