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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Waiting For A Break In The Clouds - Wayne Fontana Messe Blanche - Messe Blanche Margo Guryan - Love Mary Is Alone - Dry Ice Baby You're Not To Blame - Plastic Penny

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Erm... don't know the difference!

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  • Thanks for accepting tha add Holly :o)
  • Also, that is one cool vid!
  • I'll have a look into it, but like i say it'll be quite expensive and i'll be on my own lol
  • I bet there is!


    Is the club busy? It looks pretty cool, and i would love to go. but it would cost a fortune to get up to glascow and stay over.  

  • That is pretty psycotic!


    Do you run the Eyes Wide Open Club?

  • Some cool tunes on them!


    I've been buying loads of CDs lately. Ive got the Before Birdmen Flew Comps (australian garage), The Vagrants, Les Fluer De Lys, Perfumed Garden Box Set and I am waiting for the Psychedelic Schlemiels volumes to arrive. The Nuggets box set has opened up a new world for me lol I cant get enough.


    Im digging these at the mo


  • hello holly, ive got through the nuggets box set now im after something else to listen to, would you be able to recomend me something else, like you said the psycier the better!
  • merry xmas holly. lol
  • hey soorry for the add am new on here and i dont have a clue how to work it and i wanna make some mod friends coz am a mod and wanna make more
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