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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Gary U S Bonds - Working For My Baby The Capitols - ZigZagging Richie Barrett - Some Other Guy June Bateman - i Don't Wanna Johnny Nash - Love Ain't Nothing

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • that,l make 2 of us then ian.... bald that is lol, looking forward 2 meeting you all ktf !

  • thanks for excepting the friend request ian

  • Ian, crashin at kipps from Friday. If ye fancy a beer txt me on 0780 324 3769. Be good to catch up and get some local info. Gloky.
  • Cheers Ian, in Brighton now. Just gonna head up to the pub. The rest of the boys will be down on Friday. Keep in touch and we can have a beer. Gloky.
  • Ian, Just read your reply to one of the forums. Since you seem to be local in Brighton can you assist me.


    I'm gonna be in Brighton from the 21st August before the rest of the guys turn up for the weekend. Can you suggest any good pubs to visit. Doesn't have to be strictly MOD, but a place where i can have a beer and hear a bit of Clash, Jam even some good soul.


    Cheers, Gloky

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