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Livingston, West Lothian

About Me:

Been a MOD for a number of years, now that my kids old enough to look after themself's I'm getting back in to the Mod scene. Just got new parker from Santa.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1) Who are you ~ The Who 2) The Real Me ~ The Who 3) Love Reign Over Me ~ The Who 4) That's Entertainment ~ The Jam 5) Time For Action ~ Secret Affair

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

LML 4t Star


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  • No idea mate, ive not been for the last two mondays!! :-(  too feckin busy!

  • They do make a big difference to the look, the sooner the suns out the better, Fed up staring at it sitting in the garage, choking to get out for a wee scoot aboot!

  • Hiya Jim,

    I got it from ebay this is the link to it: Whippy ariel

    The 6' was a bit long, once I stuck the fox tail on the end it just waved all over the place, so I cut it down to about three and a half feet, now its perfect, and fits in the garage no probs.

  • Hiya Jim,

    Would love to mate, but not a baby sitter in sight! the older two are ofsky and only come back when they want money, and the younger girls only 14, the wee felly's only 4, that asides the wife's got him wrapped up in cotton wool, he was diagnosed with diabetes last week and she wont leave the house without him, I will defo though be out and about on the scooter next year.

  • Found some mirror heads with no stems???  Dont know WTF happened to the stems!!

  • Hey James,

                     just reading John Paterson's page and the name Invergordon showed up in one of your posts........ It suddenly reminded me that I jumped ship from an oil tanker there many, many years ago when I was in the Merch ........ I had to do it, it was interfering with my Mod life!!! The journey home by train to the south coast near Brighton was cold, rainy and totally forgettable. Got straight back into the groove - Merchant Navy disciplinary hearings notwithstanding (shades of 5:15). They never forgave me, but I'd do it all again.


  • tried eclipse scooters tranent about a scooter for ur daughter ? they give good advise mate.

  • There is a great night the last Friday of every month Jimmy. (friday street) aside from that there are often do's on at McChuills on the High Street. I am sure you would enjoy most of these nights
  • There's been so many great nights that it is sometimes difficult to say what was the best. I am sure it will continue being so for ages yet mate.

  • It's a new production - Pete Townshend gave the director personal permission to write her own interpretation of the album. Very exciting for the theatre.
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