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About Me:

Been out the scene but got back into about 12-18mth ago,waiting to buy my dream scooter(a replica of jimmys from quadrophenia) hopefully end of this year.now im settled i can afford to keep up with my passion where as i couldnt when i was 16 :(

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

ghost in my house by R.Dean Taylor,down in the tube station at midnight by the Jam,sha-la-la-la-lee by small faces,the real me by the who,ive had enough by the who

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hi bud just avin a browse through .did you are anyone go to the mod/ soul do in Rawtenstall? Would like to know if it was any good. Could,t make it myself but would like info on any more of the same in the pipeline? Would deffo go to the next one!! Cheers bud

  • Hellooo! my name is sarah, i am an artist, doing an exhibition on Danemark street in london, i wanted to talk to you about giving a talk about being a mod as a big part of my work is to do with oral historys... or just a quick chat with me so i could write something about it...! please let me know ! your a dying breeeeed

  • thank you so much mate, i really appreciate it...cheeers

  • Thank you very much for the friend request! ;)

  • Thanks for the welcome James

  • Thanks for the welcome! 

  • Cheers James, thanks for the add!

  • Thanks, sorry about my music choice!

  • thanks for the welcome - you rock

  • Cheers for the welcome mate. Lovely scooter too!

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