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About Me:

Married to Colin and do bits and pieces.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Gin and Tonic - The Fonxionnaires feat Brandy Butler Thanks Mr Postman - Fabulous Ottomans My Babe - Mitty Collier Reputation - The Four Shells I cant make it anymore - Spyder Turner

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vauxhall Zafira! plus Colin's Vespa sitting in the garage!

Website Address:



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  • Thanks Jennie,i appreciate that.,see you soon.
  • thanks Jennie,can you bring two tickets for the Purple Hearts to the Small Fakers do,and i'll give you the cash.
  • Hi Jennie .If there are any pic you think would be useful feel free.Bob Black
  • lol, you already found it.
  • I just worked out that if you look to the left of your profile you will see an events link. If you use that you can add events to your profile which can be seen by everyone on the site, they can also reply to it. It might come in useful for you. You can add a flier or pic there too
  • I din't get to the weekender, I'm caring for my on just now, he's disabled, not sure if you knew that. From July I'll be back on the scene so I'll surely see you in August.

    If you have fliers, could you send an email to stevie or comment on his profile, he does that kind of thing and he might put them on the front page too. I'd still advise putting in a notification in the discussion threads too, as most of the members go straight there.

    The site is building up quickly and it's a fgreat place to keep in touch.

    I'm actually just playing with my profile right now to make it look funky but themes are hard to find and I'm stuck with what's already here, lol
  • Hi Jennie, welcome to the Mod Generation. Why don't you have a look round the forum and make yourself at home. You can add to any existing discussions or if you like, start a new one of your own.

    Take note of the events threads in which you can post any events Friday Street has coming up. Just make a new thread for each event.

    Good to have you here

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