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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The prisoners - hurricane timebox - beggin the impressions - you've been cheating toots and the maytals - funky Kingston the devonnes - gonna pick up my toys

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hi Jimbo. We are meeting in Babbitys around 8.30. Andy will get us in there.

  • Jim, she will need to put them back into stock as they only have 1 pair. Let me know when you're going in. If they don't have them in they will order them for you and you'll still get the discount and have delivered to your house. 

  • Sunday afternoon would be a good day for her if you're in town Jim. 

  • No bother Jim, just let me know a couple of days in advance and Linda will see you ok.

  • Hi Jim

    What size are you, what type do you want and what leather do you want?


  • Hi Jim

    She thinks she can get you a discount from someone. She doesn't have any left on her card, but let me know when you intend going in and she can organise it. She will need to be working when you go in.


  • Picked up tickets today just need the dosh noo
  • A bit short notice Jim. I think I'm going to the pictures with the wife on Friday. Good wee club as well. 

  • I was looking into the Ayr weekender yesterday bit short of cash the now, missus birthday coming up shortly so no sure wouldny mind giving it a go though.
  • alright jim good to meet you and the lads the other night. still in the doghouse though haha

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