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Eugene, OR

About Me:

"I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet." -- Sand & Sea by The Who -dig norther soul, skinhead reggae, '60-'80s british r&b. -riding scooters, dressing ivy league and listening to motown and ska since 1985 operate a monthly soul and reggae night in eugene, oregon usa called the up beat -graphic designer by trade -dig american mid-century modern design and architecture -ride two '64 GS160s and a '67 Li150

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

George Blackwell - Can't Lose My Head Larry Clinton - She's Wanted Yvonne Vernee - Just Like You Did Me Jackie Day - Naughty Boy The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


Website Address:



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  • Oi Mate, Your my closest Mod friend geographically, I'll let you know if i go to your home town to meet up.Later

  • i,m trying to get mine as near as, but i aint gonna spend fortunes on bits, its expensive enough have the scoot restored

  • When I chose which Lambretta to buy, I said "If Jimmy can ride an series 3 Li, so can I"

    so my bone stock Li is headed for a Jimmy-fide makeover too, but not an actual replica. Maybe one of Jimmy's mates :)

  • well in a few months it will be a jimmy replica

  • Joe good guess but its a series 4

  • Hi Joe and welcome from scotland.

    Love the scooter pics and Up Beat sounds cool.


  • welcome to the mod generation Joe .Nice gs

  • Hello Joe. Thank you for adding me as a friend.Mods are Go

  • Welcome to the site Joe!
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