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About Me:

Hey i am joe and i am19 . I fancy getting to know others with the same interests as me as not hardly any of my mates appreciate my sort of music/style.... I love being a mod its a way of life , the style, them music and Being diffrent from everyone els. I have for my first scooter a lambretta Li125 (1963)

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Wilson pickett- in the midnight hour Lee rodgers- cracked up over you The lambrettas - liveing for today Al Wilson - the snake Gill scott heron- the bottle

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hi Joe, thanks for the friend request, where abouts in Cumbria are you from?
  • You're very welcome! It's my pleasure :D x

  • Thanks for the request Joe :D

  • hey sorry for late reply, Im fab thanks and you?

    VP :-)

  • Hi Joe. I'm good thanks, how are you? x
  • It definately is!!! I'm good cheers mate, looking forward to seeing a band called The Moons here in Leeds at the end of September. The lead singer is Weller's keyboard player and from wht i've heard they sound quality. Have a nosey on Youtube mate, think you might dig!!

  • I am great thanx. Its good to see young mods joining the site. James, my partner and I have a lambretta and two vespa between us. He is on the site too, James Sneddon, add him. Its our friend, Stevie, that runs the site. He is from glasgow but now on london. Our club, Argyll roadrunners are having a scooter run to and Balloch and dance in glasgow on sat 22nd Sept, its all free so a great day and night out. Hope you can make it. KTF xx
  • hi. How are you
  • Hey Joe, thanks for request :-)
    VP x
  • Hey Joe!


    Cheers for the request mate, love the scoot!!! Hope all is well, keep smiling...Glenn x

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