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  • John are you coming up for this mod weekender thing, would be good to catch a pint wae somebody who disnae want to talk about aw that RB shite.

    Guess whit scooter is fucked in getting fixed as we speak pain in the arse, in theold days wid just have knocked wan and fucked the engine in mine. Need to find a good repair manual.
  • Ye still comin up next month John, geez a shout if you are .
  • It was just to tell you that I had sat the CBT and I was all legal and oot there causing mayhem on the roads John, even been oot pissed on the bike , still a bit of Mod left in me efter aw. I will catch up wae you in March , enjoy Christmas and the New Year and as I said we will catch up in the spring , hopefully you will have yer GP by then. KTF
  • How are you doing John are you coming up over the holidays.
  • Not yet John , not had a chance to sit the CBT yet but should get it ou t the road this week, how are you doing mate.
  • John just stuck a photo of the bike on
  • John, hope the heid isnae too sore, hope ye had a ball last night. She was giving me some greif or the scooter, so had to bite the bullet on the reunion and settle for taking ma Maw oot for her birthday.

    I will give ye a bell later on the day.
  • Have a safe journey Home. Dont forget your wellie's .
  • Look forward to it , canny wait !
  • should do as most people say that i have not changed except for the grey hair
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