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About Me:

I was a modernist frequenting Ronny Scotts in Gerrard Street,The Marquee and Flamingo when they were jazz clubs. I had a college boy haircut, wore Italian style bum freezer suits,winkle picker shoes,collar detached shirt with starched collar and a slim jim tie. I still have my membership card for Ronny Scotts.It was the first jazz club in London to get an alcohol licence it cost £5, which was ok because it meant we didn't have to get out early to have a drink before we went to the club. It did not occur to me that I had anything in common with the kids who went down the coast for a punch up on Bank Holiday. My daughter is a mod and has got me back into the more mainstream way of dressing and feels my memories and comments may be of interest. We shall see.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Body and Soul Billie Holliday Lover Man Chas Parker Stars Fell on Alabama Stan Getz Moonglow Errol Garner Walking Shoes Gerry Mulligan

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • It's me again John, I just found the rest of your message. Yes, I was born in London, City Road, although I spent my first eight years being evacuated to Wales, Blackpool and Leicester. I grew up in Battersea, and my first job was in Battersea Public Library. I was warned that if I didn't change my mode of dress I would be looking for another job. That was when I went to work in a finger tip black barrathea jacket and drainpipe trousers. Although I lived in London for 50 years I can't say that I miss it. The last time I was there was when I ran in last years London Marathon.

  • Hi John, Great to hear from you, I rarely get the chance to dress up these days, and when I do put a suit on I am asked if I am going to a funeral or a wedding. I don't know what my mates reaction would be if they saw me wearing a stiff collar, as I am usually in vest and shorts, I am either in the gym or out running. I still have my leather collar boxes with several different style  collars. I may get dressed up one day and shock them.  

  • Yes John I've read your posts and comments and believe me I do appreciate the distinction and in view of all that happened after 63 I would consider myself the same .
    Whilst I was a big fan of Brubeck, Milt Jackson and Jimmy Smith , R&B and early soul was more my thing and I came to town as the scene was changing for the first time . I was not involved in the seaside nonsense and don't consider it our finest hour . For me Mod / ernism lasted from 59/64 and flourished out of Town until 67/8 but it had changed completely by then .
  • No offence taken, but I'm actually a Mr McElroy. One of those Quentin Crisp types, I'm afraid.  "Naked Civil Servant" of my own design, and all, sometimes.

  • No mate I am sure you started it !! thats the trouble with  cockney's , troublemakers every one,

    They get so bitchy as well

  • Funny you should ask that John.  The son of my pianist found me on FB to tell me sadly he had died and could I tell him about his music days so I put together a list of all the pubs we worked from 64 to 73.  the list looks like this

    The list of venues we played is something like this although I might have got some round the wrong way.

    1964 The Boleyn  Green St East Ham  Band:      Charlie, George, Steve

      Old Ford Tavern Old Ford Rd Bow,        Steve, George, Me

    1966 The Moulders Arms Bow                 Steve, Ray Kay, Me with Al Ross

    1968 The Butchers Arms York Way Holloway  Steve, Peter drums, a bass player and Me

    1969 Crown and Anchor, Cross St, Islington    Steve Peter Me on bass again

    1970 Tilbury Docks Club  band as before but one night it was pea soup fog and he drove from Cheshunt to my house in Upminster then on to Tilbury and we arrive one and a half hours late!    Then after we finished he had to turn around and go all the way home via my house.

    1971 Barking Labour Club Ripple Rd Barking Steve, Jim on drums a bass player and me.

    1971  The Red Lion  Angel Lane  Stratford we were doing Sad and Lonely there and the band was the same.

    1972  The Ship Long Lane Bermondsey band as before then they moved the piano to The Abbey Arms, Barking Road, Canning Town and I think we went to the Frampton Arms Well St., Hackney from there.

    I’ve found some websites with pics of a lot of these pubs.

    Old Ford Tavern and Moulders Arms are here http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/london/e3_bow.html.

    Butchers Arms  http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/london/n7_holloway_butchersarms.html

    Crown and Anchor http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/london/n1_islington_crownanchor.html 

    and finally The Frampton http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/london/e9_homerton_framptonarms.html

  • John, thats good matey, glad they worked, I have some in my new weejuns and its taking some time but I am getting there, bought some nice trees from e-bay Germany at only about a tenner a pair, seconds but real nice and keep the shoes in good shape.

    Good to hear from you John




  • John, 

    Try this one for your consideration:


  • thanks for excepting the friend request John .Looking forward to talking to you in the future .Thanks for the great comments

  • Thanks for adding me John.

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