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  • A living ledge Lol. You going to A Go Go mate?

  • was that you in scootering? you handsome devil ;-)


  • Nice forum, Jordan ! 


    how are you doing ? :) 


  • cool, will have a look :) 

  • Good for you mate, keep racking up those miles.
  • How was Ireland mate?
  • Yeah I live just outside Reading, but I go to school there :p Quite a lot atm, the museum's doing a mod exhibition (which I volunteered to work in in briefly- it rocked :D ) and loads of stuff seems to be going down as well as the usual nightclubs and stuff- heres the link :) http://www.readingmuseum.org.uk/events/details/95/ there's a lot more stuff about individual events, if you want me to send you more info- ben sherman's widow is speaking at some exhibition and loads of private showings of mod-related films are going on too :) x
  • like the scooter btw :)
  • Hey man :) I'm not that new anymore, but yeah, I've never been to a proper event and I'm on 4.35 an hour (Only working weekends cause of a levels) so I can't afford a scooter yet :p wbu??
  • It's usually not bad, varies from month to month.  Sometimes it's heaving, sometimes we have a quiet one.  Been a difficult year for us tho, if I'm honest.  If you're thinking of heading up, come for Double Sight, our weekender.  That'll be more than worth the travel - www.facebook.com/doublesightweekender, got people coming from all over Europe. x
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