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Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa, 1965 VW Split Pickup, 1967 VW Split Micro-Bus


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  • good to hear from you joe glad your doing well am still in the railway 25 yrs this june
    keep in touch pal willie
  • joe how are you doing still in london

    cheers willie
  • Joe, how ye doing? The reason there are no recent pics of the Paton's is that we are hiding all our youthful good looks, if you saw pics of us you would think it was all our weans ha,ha.
    No there is a recent picture of Shugie in Chris' photos - I look younger ha, ha
  • Joe, see you when your up,..... met, gowny, andy Mulvey yesterday, took them up to glasgow Lambretta, Bobby black sends his best to u and ur big bruv Baz
  • Mr Murdoch won't make it up I'm afraid as I've got a load of posh tottie to give full medical to. Dirty job but pays the bills :-) will let you know wen cummin up nxt n great to catch up.

    Gloky, same again, just wana see if u've grown much :-) bin in londonium since 86 after leavin my squat on Belmont road kelvinside.

    Mulvie, ya untanable :-) still remember the laughs n trip to Fortwilliam. got loads of pics of the crew but need loads of time on scanner :-;
  • JOE , I heard you were in London, with all the posh tottie. You doing good ? , How is Big Baz ? Hope you make it up for the weekend, it would be great to see yuo after allthese Years !!! Andy Murdoch .
  • alrite joe cloony wat you been upto ya nugget ;)lol
  • Joe, just noticed your in London. Keep well.
  • Hey Joe, I'm good where are you these days? I've still got a Vespa in Glasgow but the engine is seized, so needs repaired. Currently in India till Saturday looking to see if there's anything here. All Baja Vespa copies and in pretty poor state. Anyway will you be going to Balloch at the weekend? Good to see yer still scootterin.
  • p.s. Love the van
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