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About Me:

21, Mod fanatic. Love the 60s.....it's still the sixties, I' just turned up late. Here to learn more about Mod culture! I sell Pencil Sketches some of which are popular 60s icons below is a link to my e-bay address.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Who- Instant Party (circles) The Who-So Sad about us The Jam-Smithers-Jones The Jam-Thick as Thieves The Kinks-Sunny Afternoon Paul Weller-You Do Something To Me Paul MCcartney-Vintage Clothes Pete Townshend-Bargain (lifehouse Demo) Send in The Clowns-Olivia Newton John/Barbra Streisand Dusty Springfield-Goin' Back Peter Lee Stirling-Goodbye ThimbleMill Lane Donovan-Superlungs My Supergirl

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


Website Address:



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  • Thanks for the message.. looking good!

  • Hi Kitchy,

    Thankyou! Yeah there brill haha, I absolutely love the clothes you have made!

    Hopefully I will join in with everything going on, I love it already :) 

  •                                    JOHN

    John, Don't know whether you'll Read this or not!

    That flyer you sent was deleted when you left so I couldn't access your e-mail! I Just want to say Thanks for all your comments, however they have gone down with anyone else they have been invaluable to me. If you ever feel like returning you'll always have a very appreciative ear here!

    And thank you so much for all the additional info/compliments etc.....Whoever shall I "carry on" to now?????

     Hope you are ok, good luck with all your artwork, endeavours and so on and love to simon!

     As I say if your ever passing by please drop a line....theres far too much tumbleweed in the wee hours! 

     All the very best ~Liz X

  • Hahaha! Thanks for your add. That's why I said "seem to" ;D

    Arrogance is not a problem if you can deal with humility at the same time! But I admit it sometimes hard to balance such things and find the perfect middle way! ;)

  • Aw thankyou! Very cool pictures you have love all the clothes! im still a bit confused about how to actually use this im sure it will come soon though... x

  • hey kitchy. o thanks for the comments and listening. Thanks for the praise, not many people listen really. might be because im not clued up with this internet modern world or because there just rough acoustic demos. Work kinda crushes progress to .  so hows this site going for you? 



  • top photos Kitchy

  • Hi Kitchy, thanks for accepting the friend request!

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