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Britain, 1977. The country was in a state of despair. Much like today, the Labour party was sinking miserably lower in the nation’s eyes, certain to be ousted at the next available opportunity, to be replaced by the first female Prime Minister and her notorious Conservative cronies. However, as for the music industry, a revolution was taking place. Glam rock had all but died out: perms and platforms were no longer in sight, now traded in for pins and piercings. Punk had been unleashed,…
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West Midlands

About Me:

-Kurt Whitlock -19 - Est. 1992 -Bilston - West Midlands - Wolverhampton University -Mod: The Way Forward

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Sing When You're In Love- The Enemy (Great Mod Video) Wasteland- The Jam My World- Secret Affair Running On The Spot- The Jam Someone's Looking At You- The Boomtown Rats

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa PX 125 - "Vicky Verky"

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  • The remembrance rally was really good, loads of friends, scoots and a good respectful day.

  • I'm doing ok Kurt, two mod nights saturday and remembrance scooter event on sunday morning, good weekend, I'm doing ok, cheers mate!


    Hi there Kurt, how are you doing?  I hope ok, I'm doing fine thanks.

  • Kurt , iread some of your blog stuff , its all good, just 1 thing , The small faces , were about before the Faces, 1964,65 The faces formed in 68, after Steve left to form a band called Humble Pie, Ronnie and the rest got ROD and Ronnie Wood on board , Did you know Rod S played harmonica on the Millie song My boy Lollypop ?
  • KURT, are you going to jazz up your page ? you know more about them than we ever will, liked the music bit with wasteland, and the Enemy vid was good the girl in it looked like her in the TING TINGS, ?????
  • Kurt, good you are out and about, THE BOY ABOUT TOWN , THE JAM check it on I tunes, I will send you some things to get for your scooter to make it easier to ride, like although the old type mould on the scooter tyres are cool they are not a patch on the more rounded modern types you get now , ie you wont come of it if you misjudge a corner , we all had a few tumbles, back then. Me and Colin coiley are mates with the guy John who does the Lambretta restorations for Glasgow Lambretta .com, we will keep intouch with anythings that will help safety, seeing as you are still getting to grips with your scoot, then we will give some tips on improved performance, once you know whats what. KEEP THE FAITH BIG CHAP, ANDY
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