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About Me:

alright, am Kyle just turned 16 n ride a pk50 at the min tho looking forward to gettin something bigger when am 17 ive always been into the music but didnt know the whole story until i was 13 and ever since then ive been waitin for the day i can finally ride it.....thank god it came just deciding how to style the scooter any ideas?

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

My Generation - The Who Time For Action - Secret Affair In The City - The Jam Ghost In My House - Dean Taylor All or Nothing - Small Faces

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

vespa pk 50 for now......

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  • vWe have started a forum for young mods, take a look http://youngguns.team-talk.net/
  • We have started a forum for young mods, take a look http://youngguns.team-talk.net/
  • sorry i didnt reply soonner, i saw madness at the Isle of Wight scooter rally, last year, some kind of festival thing, called summer madness, this year paul wellers headlining, shame im not going!
    i like your pk, cant wait till i turn 17 in july, cant wait to get on the road with ma T5
  • i welcome you as a freind
  • Well done kyle on passing your c.b.t., see you on the road very soon i hope.
  • What do you mean Mr Maclachlan - too classy for me? I beg your pardon - lol!! I'm sure once you and your dad are finished with yours it'll look "nearly" as classy as mines!!! lol. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have to admit - you do look quite cool on MY scooter!!!!!
  • Just got my ticket for sun.
  • Happy Birthday Kyle. Looking forward to seeing you on the road. We'll see if you're as good as your dad (and mum - oops, sorry Lainy - lol) at driving. I'm sure its in the genes!!! Hope you have a good birthday.
  • Welcome aboard Kyle, and Happy Birthday.
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