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Carlisle, Cumbria

About Me:

Been into the mod scene since I was 14 via The Jam and the mod revival, now in my 40's but still love the music and always will

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

too many but here's 5 of my faves:- In The Basement - Sugar Pie Disanto & Etta James Mellow Fellow - Etta James Town Called Malice - The Jam The New Breed - Jimmy Holiday Tin Soldier - Small Faces

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

no scooter but have owned quite a few minis over the years, not now though unfortunately


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  • Hi Liz. Thanks for the positive remarks. They were great at the Con club on saturday night. A photography student from the university had got in touch via Facebook (They are at The 45s Carlisle by the way) and she came along. I spotted her right away. I suppose the camers made it obvious but she was in mod gear and looked great. She has come up from London to study here and she came along with some friends who all loved the band. When she told them that she has a Vespa the nearly fainted. So looking forward to a photo shoot with scooter! Hope you can catch The 45s live sometime soon.

    All the best, Bill

  • The 45s are playing at the Con Club in Denton Holme this Saturday 2nd February. A rather old fashioned venue but should be a decent crowd. The boys will be on around 9 and play two 45 minute sets. Its £2.50 on the door.

  • Thanks for the like Liz
  • Hi Liz, thanks for the like :)

  • Hello, thanks very much!! Looking forward to being a part of it. Thanks for the friend request :D x

  • Hi Liz, Course I don't mind you asking, I got it from the Fred Perry website but that was a couple of years ago now

  • thanks for the friend request liz

  • welcome to the mod generation liz

  • Welcome aboard Liz :-)
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