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About Me:

21st century Modette, who's only aspiration in life is to own a Vespa.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Save It For Later - The Beat I am The Ressurection - The Stone Roses Embarrassment - Madness Town Called Malice - The Jam How Soon is Now? - The Smiths

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa all the way!! But Lammys are beautiful too.


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  • hi lucy get back too me soon ok ive something to ask you ;michael

  • hi lucy

    a merry christmas & happy new year to you

    see yu in 2013.michael

  • hi lucy i wish yu a merry mod christmas & a happy new year. ktf; write soon .michael.

  • hi lucy; how are you;

    tell me what tracks yu like from secret affair?

    my top 5 are:=time for action

                        only madmen laugh

                       i;m not free but i;m cheap

                       one day in your life

                       soho strut.

    now some of those tracks you might not heard off as yet lucy ; but dont worry yu can get them on yu -tube or download them.okay.

    keep in contact .

    all the mods -skinwaye,

    michael barrett.

  • hi lucy;

    michael here how are you?

    so you like the mod gods of 1979!-secret affair;

    yu should try their albums -glory boys;

    behind closed doors;

    bussiness as usual

    & come back & tell me what you think okay;

    bye lucy ;

    michael x

  • Oh btw i tweeted a rough design of my tattoo today check it out! going to change the girls hair to short and her face a lil but other than that its complete design now =O

  • Lovin the new blog, youve really made me want to shop now tho lol!

  • i;m okay lucy ;

    so i see you like  the beat; do you like secret affair?

    get back too me soon ,

    michael .

  • hi lucy;

    how are  you?

    can you  get in touch with me

    i;m bored lol .


  • thanks lucy

    we;ll chat soon ok

    michael x.

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