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Mexico City

About Me:

I´m a Mexican boy, I like to go to school and listening to music R&B, Jazz, Soul , Ska and Psych. I´m a part of the Mod scene Mexico, is something that I always enjoy. I like parties and live with friends.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Jack McDuff - Screamin Lou Donalson - The Humpback Robert Parker - Walkin The Survivors - Rawhide Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hey!

    Que hay Luis ya ando por acá solamente me hace falta agarrarle la onda a esto, ya te agregue como amigo eh para que me aceptes.

    Cuídate, un saludo!  

  • Hey Martinez..what is Mexican mod scene looks like? it seem pretty cool.
  • Heeeey! Faltaron mas fotos en la fiesta !! Para la proximas nos debemos muchas ok?

    Estamos en contacto ! Estuvo divertido el cotorreo

  • Cheers Luis


    Looks like another great party in Mexico on 29th - have fun!

  • ye how do i create a story thing on here u no right about somme on te main page so lots of people can read it
  • hi luis could u please help with soemthing on this site am stuck
  • Hi Luis

    Not sure what's happening with Mod Mood - but there's a couple of new trailers been released so maybe it is finally going to be released:


  • thanx mate!! i hope someday we'll performing at mexico :)
  • Thank u very much Luis, i hope someday we'll performing at mexico..

    Keep The Faith!
  • just i clicked a link onyour profile it said modmood so i thought i go on but seem to find to sign on so could u show me
This reply was deleted.