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Mount Pleasant, PA

About Me:

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are one, We are related) My name is Duane and im from outside of pittsburgh. I am of of Chickasaw Indian Descent. Diplomat and Social advocate for American Indians. I love The Who, Jam, Zombies, Prisoners as well as various soul and Ska. Im trying to get a scooter. Just got a Vehicle. Been into this for quite some time now. Im the only Mod in my area. So yea Im a lonewolf. lol. Im hoping to meet new people here and make a few new friends. I play bass and guitar. AND I have played in many bands. Im also a Rock music and Pop culture historian. Ive listened to everything from RnR - Raggae. I love a lot of the 60's Pop and Psychedelic art and music. The artwork from the FOOL was brilliant (Just my opinion)...

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1. French Boutik- Les Chats de Gouttiere 2. The Who- My Generation (Full Lp) 3. Prisoners- Taste of Pink (Full Lp) 4. Bleechers- Come to my Parlour 5. Merton Parkas- Silent People 6. The Rage- Looking for You 7. Accidents- Curtains

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

i want one. Im workin on gettin one.

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  • 3298109899?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024my new guitar. Epiphone SG 

  • Came back from standing rock North Dakota protesting and helping my people. Got hurt and had things thrown on me and sprayed in my face by Police. So the USA aint a free country. This is my last protest and I'm gona just help out with other things on different reservations. I'm not young anymore. and YES I notice some changes in my vision, so I gota see an eye doctor tomorrow. For info on what happened, please message me.

  • Awesome Graham. I'm heading back to Standing Rock today.  Gona be there a month, maybe past Xmas.  Ill keep ya updated.

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  • There is a Day of Action (by no means the first) in solidarity here on Tuesday..... I'm going to try to get off work to be there.

  • Hey Duane, another Pennsylvania Mod stopping in to say hi! Pity we live on opposite sides of the state, hahaha

  • Hi Duane, great to have you on board...it's ironic that for me, Mod has always been my Tribal identity, whereas you have a much older one, I believe that for many of us British Mods, it's the closest thing wev'e ever known to an ethnicity!

  • Hi Duane, nice to meet you! Are you still in a band? St Louis needs more mods :)

  • thanks for excepting the friend request Duane

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