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About Me:

A not so young lad :) Been around the edges of the scene for many years, ride a 60's geared scoot, love my clothes my football and my music. That's about it really.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Too many to list...

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

1965 Vespa 150 super

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  • hi Mal! nice scoot! thanks for adding me

  • Thanks very much for adding me as a friend! :) x

  • hiya mal

    ta for yr little message. hows things with you ?


  • hi mal greetings from a fellow not so young lad in Cardiff

  • Hi I am still finding my way around this site, but gradually getting used to it...some interesting articles and comments.......

  • Hi Mal, cheers xxx

  • Hi Mal, great to make your acquaintance from across the border! 

  • Mal,

    Ever so wild to vertually meet you too! A real London Mod! Cool!!

    Keeping the faith with you,


  • yeh  i usedto go to untouchables do's you will get some mid 60s style Mods, but the majority is likely to be swirlies, after a few yrs of goin to thier rallies, I know.
  • Hi Mal, thanks for the friends request. Can you tell me something. I was telling another friend that I was off to the Brighton weekender this August and he said that the scene that goes to Brighton were swirlies?? They sure looked like mods to me when I was looking at pics.
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