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About Me:

I didnt actually'become' a mod in the 60s I just was one, I loved the fashions, groups, music, scooters everything mod. I was born in 1950 so I guess it all happened from about aged 13 or 14 being very concerned about what I wore. We were not very well off and I left school at 15 and straight into a job. The first thing I bought was my leather, the most important thing, I wanted to be different and mine was dark green, I loved it and paid weekly into the Gratten catalogue for it. It was 3/4 length and my skirt's were shorter than my coat! My Mum had a sewing machine and made all my dresses, if I saw Twiggy wearing a dress I liked in Rave or Petticoat mag, she would copy it. In 1966 I bought a scooter, a Lambretta in duck egg blue with an electric start. I was so excited and my Dad said he would teach me to ride it after tea, I was checking it out when all of a sudden it struck up and was careering across the garden with me holding on running by the side of it! I couldnt stop it and it crashed into our big old apple tree! My siblings still laugh about it to this day, I pushed it 2 miles to get it fixed as all the forks were bent, but I never rode it I lost my nerve and sold it on... pity really. Moving on, well I survived the mod years and the 60s with lots of tales to tell, which are getting hard to remember now, Ive always loved the classic styles of those years and have worn them to this day. In 1988 I was in the IOW and there happened to be a scooter rally, I couldnt believe it seeing all these kids wearing all the stuff that I had even down to the vanity cases and tartan suitcases. I started collecting 60s stuff and I wanted to be mod again but felt there was an age barrier and I was too old... at 38! How wrong was I! In '93 I started attending The Beatle Week convention every year in Liverpool, where I could indulge my love of the 60s and as the years progressed there's been alot of mod influences at the festival with groups doing a whole range of 60s not just the Beatles. in 2006 I went to my first Small Faces Convention and my journey back to mod was beginning, the following year there was a mini fest in Carnaby St with the Small Fakers and Kenney Jones unveiled a plaque, I met him and got his autograph I was so very excited I felt like that mod kid again! I went home and the next day I went back to London for the SFC as a mod wearing my old leather, a shift dress and flat pumps with my original 60s jewelery and my hair curled under in a bob. Since then Ive changed my entire wardrobe, hair and make-up, Ive been everywhere and Ive made friends all over the country, Im 61 but I dont feel it, act it or look it. Once a mod, always a mod : )

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Green Onions Booker T & the MGs Road Runner Watcha Gonna Do Small Faces After Glow Small Faces There's a Certain Girl Yardbirds

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • Hi Maria!

    Been a while since you've been on here, but I just read your interview in Scootering magazines "50 years of Mod" supplement. Fantastic read from one Mod Goddess to another! I salute you... all the way from Australia!

    Love in Mod,



  • hi maria thanks ; happy new year.michael

  • Hey Maria
    Always a pleasure to see you. Yeah another fantastic night in Liverpool.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend and ill catch you soon.
    :-) x
  • Hi Maria , I am good thanks :-) hope you are OK .. I am sure you are as busy in the "Mod" world as always ? Are we having the pleasure of seeing you 11/11 ? or for shirley's Birthday ? I do hope so it would be lovely to see you again ..Lots of love and happy memories , untill we meet again Julie xxx :-) x

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