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I've been on this site a tad bit before yet have never really 'blogged' as such on here, neither imparted towards discussion on the more forum based stuffs that of which the site is orientated around so I hope to get into that now; as I'm currently procrastinating and trying to forget about my maths final tomorrow. I read a lot of dystopian novels and competely love the concept of…

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About Me:

Hiya, my name's May ( 16 years of age ) and i've recently gotten into the mod culture, despite not being foreign in itself to the concept as I grew up being obsessed with 60s and 50s comics like Beano, Bunty, Twinkle and Mandy. The fashion in the 60s has always been an integral component in my general perception and something i'm extremely passionate about, however i've only recently decided upon dressing in the fashion itself through being a tad obsessed with the Victorians for a good few years... LOL XD I also play the electric guitar and piano; sounds a tad random but nevermind. Anyhow! I'm fairly new to the fashion and music and so would love any advice of any kind really! Thankidoops! >w<
Yet to put it a more concise fashion - I'm new to the mod culture and am 16; formerly obsessed with Japanese lolita fashion/spent a stupid amount of money on absurdly frilly dresses.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Kinks- Art Lover The Beatles - I Am The Walrus The Jam - Going Underground Grass Roots - Hold On Lightning Seeds - Pure and Simple The Who - Teenage Wasteland Joy Division - Disorder Small Faces - Itchycoo Park Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time Byrds - I See You Modern English - After The Snow

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Noes - Hopefully getting one in a few months though! eeps >w<</body>

Website Address:


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  • thanks for excepting the friend request May .Great photos

  • welcome to the mod generation May .Love the art

  • I like the art, very expressive.  Keep up with it. You have a distinctive style.

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