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The title of this article was a tad bit of a flop, yet conveys the general gist of the subject I guess, 

I've been on this site a tad bit before yet have never really 'blogged' as such on here, neither imparted towards discussion on the more forum based stuffs that of which the site is orientated around so I hope to get into that now; as I'm currently procrastinating and trying to forget about my maths final tomorrow. I read a lot of dystopian novels and competely love the concept of  a beguiled or much rather corrupt society; I also write the odd book and illustrate it every now and again.

I loooove the mode of 1960's fashion and have done so from a young age; I've always wanted a proper flip do yet am terrible with pincurls and curlers; like really really really bad. Like almost hilariously bad. I also adore 1960's music and it's truly one of the main sources of my playlist atm and has been for the last few months; the overly optimistic pop-y stuffs isn't too bad as long as it has guitar (I adore guitar) but the more rock-style stuffs with more well writ lyrics is better to an extent; like le Small Faces, the Who, the Jam and such stuffs - I've always loved 80s post-punk though and I don't think I'll ever 'not like it' at all 

Gosh this has been more of a ramble than an introduction... :/ Nevermind, eh? Haha XD Since I've obliterated the objective I may as well be random and declare my love for Liverpool; despite being Asian and so not exactly integrating well therein with the odd few XD The accent is formidably epic. 

I also NEED. a lambretta

Upon that note I bidst thou Adieu.

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