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About Me:

I live for the music.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

How can I choose only 5?!

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa.. who wants to buy me one?!


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  • Yes I agree with you it is indeed. To quote the title of a great book about it (not sure if you have heard of it but Ive put a link below), its a very British phenomonem. I really recomend this book, it is vital reading on the scene and would also recommend The A-Z of Mod too which a nrw edition came out last year.
    So any fave bands, singers etc?

  • I hope you are enjoying it here: there are some great people to chat with..Wouldn't describe myself as a 'Mod' in the typical sense of the term but have been fascinated by the misic and fashions etc since a teen'. I guess I try to be a more modern version of what I think it is but still take my cues from the past as great taste never ages!
    Would love to hear what you like about the scene.
  • Hi Megan.
    Regards your way.
  • Thanks for the compliment Megan! I just throw materials together really and hope they come good!!!! Nice to have some positive feedback thank You! 


  • Hi Megan! Nice to meet you! (love the glasses!)

    I'll take this opportunity to welcome you to The Mod Generation!

    Hope you have a great experience and meet lots of people Mods both past and present that make your time here enjoyable.

     If you need any help/guidance my ears are at your disposal! 

    Hope to see you on the discussions and thanks for the invite. 

    All the best.


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